When you start up a completely new business there’s no business process – as such. There’s only what you decide to do at the time.

Which is fine – to start with, anyway. After all, you need to work out the best way to do all the tasks your business needs.

Some things you’ll have done before, perhaps in another business or in a previous job. In which case you’ll either decide to do those things in the way you’re used to, or to do something completely different. (Perhaps because the way you used to do it never actually worked?)

Even so, at some point you’re going to settle on a specific approach that you’re happy with. That doesn’t mean you won’t review it every so often – after all, what works for a small business may not work for the larger one it will later become. But it’s reasonable to say that there’s now a process in place.

So why would you need to write that process down?

What’s the point? You know what you’re doing, after all!

And that, of course, is precisely the point. You know exactly what you’re doing – but no one else will know unless you tell them. And if it’s not written down, they are far less likely to remember exactly what you said than you are. You’re doing that work all the time, after all. They’re doing it only when you can’t. If you’re off sick, or away on holiday, or at the dentist, there’s a fair chance that some poor soul in your team will try to remember what you told them. And get it horribly wrong.

So what’s the answer?

Unfortunately, the answer is very simple. Take the time. Write it down. Yes, it’s tedious (for you) and there are probably dozens of other things you’d rather be doing, and dozens more clamouring for your attention. But if you don’t, you’ll waste even more time clearing up the mess your team will make of a job you see as simple.

Don’t have a team? Do it anyway. Because one day you’ll be tired, or distracted, and you’ll forget one critical step in the process. And then you’ll spend the rest of the day, or the week, or the month, cursing yourself as you clear up your own mess!

So one final question. How long will it take?

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