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Idea →  planning → action…

You have an idea for a new venture. You know you can make it work. And you know you need to do some business planning. In fact you’ve probably started writing your plan.

But do you have doubts about what you’re doing?

You’re not alone. Ideas are cheap – in fact they’re two a penny. What turns a dreamer into an entrepreneur is attention to detail. And a willingness to find the right way of turning great ideas into a working business.

That calls for planning – sometimes in areas you may not be familiar with.

And for that, you might well need a little help.

Planning a business on paper is vital

You need to understand the numbers, whether or not you’re looking for funding.

After all, if it’s not viable on paper it won’t be viable anywhere else.

But – believe it or not – that’s the easy bit.

What are the risks? What haven’t you thought of? If you need finance, will your planning stand up to scrutiny?

And have you thought about the business systems you’ll need to make your idea a reality?

Very often the first outline plan for a new business is rather like a bath shop.

Everything’s in place and looking beautiful. In fact, it looks perfect. But there’s a snag. Nothing’s connected – so no matter how good it looks, it’ll never actually work…

Your business systems are like the plumbing that will turn a show bathroom into a fully operational one.

Including, of course, the means to deal with problems you might prefer not to think about!

Sometimes business planning can get a little TOO complicated...

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