Business Plumber - helping your work flow



You need help. Something, somewhere in your business, is going wrong.

But you’re not entirely sure what. Or where. Or how.

There’s that client who somehow never seems to get their invoice.

Another who’s decided to go elsewhere, for reasons you don’t understand.

And another whose jobs always seem to hit a problem.

Sometimes every business needs a little help

A business that grows organically can develop ‘invisible’ problems.

An old system that worked well a few years ago may now conflict with a newer one brought in to meet different needs.

A staff member trained to work in a particular way may not have caught up with later changes.

Or there may simply be a ‘glitch’ which everyone knows about, and works around, but no one actually fixes.

The only way to deal with problems like these is to track down the blockage in your business plumbing – and get rid of it.

But where do you start looking, when you can’t even see exactly where the problem is?

Please don’t worry. That’s something I’ve often done before, and am often called to do.

In fact, that’s why I chose the name ‘Business Plumber’.

It’s all part of the service. And yes, I do understand that it’s an emergency…

Help is at hand for any business that can't find the blockages in its workflow

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