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Growing your business systems

So your business has grown – and now you need another person to help. That’s great – well done!

But how will your new helper know what to do? Especially when right now most of your business systems exist only in your head?

And how can you be sure that you’ve found the right person – and that they’re doing the right job to help your business both now and in the future?

Growth doesn’t have to be painful!

I’ll get down to brass pipes with your business systems. I’ll help you understand what’s working now, what needs to be changed, how your new team member will fit in, and what they will need to do and to know to become the asset you are looking for.

And that, in turn, will help you understand who you are looking for, and the skill set they need to have.

Because it isn’t enough to ensure the work will flow today. You need to consider the future, too.

How efficient are your business systems? How well are they going to cope as demand – and supply – continue to grow?

When will you need to hire your next employee? And what will you want them to do?

Because you need business systems that will cope not just with your first employee, but with your twenty-first…!

You know your business systems - but will your new employee understand them, too?

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