Communication – good communication – has never been more important in business than it is now.

The Covid pandemic has shut down many of the communication channels we’re used to. Smoke-filled rooms have long been out of fashion, but under lockdown crowded rooms of any description are a no-no. And so, inevitably, more and more of us find ourselves confined to Muppet-gallery  screen boxes in online meetings. ‘You’re on mute!’ was the callsign of 2020, and (apparently) it’s not going away any time soon.

Which could be a very good thing – depending, of course, on how you look at it.

Yes, Zoom sessions can be tiring (and occasionally frustrating). Yes, you’re at the mercy of the technology – and/or your broadband connection. And yes, it’s not the same as a face to face meeting with the chance for an impromptu conversation that could spark a new connection or a new idea.


You are no longer limited by geography – you can hook up with anyone, anywhere in the country (or the world) with an internet connection. Join any group that will admit you. Connect with anyone in that group who will give you the time of day. And you can do all that without leaving your desk. Without spending silly amounts of money – and time – on travel, accommodation and food for the journey.

These things have always been possible, but it takes something radical – like a pandemic – to get them accepted as ‘normal’. (Is it part of the ‘new normal’ we hear so much about…?)

That may be bad news for industries that depend on mass movement, but it’s probably good for the planet. (It’s certainly a radical solution to overcrowded roads and over-stressed transport systems.)

It’s also a huge opportunity – especially for micro-businesses. Because the internet is awash with networking groups that could, potentially, connect you with resources you never knew existed.

Have you claimed every grant you are entitled to? Are you aware of the potential support available from colleges and universities? Do you know about every local initiative to support and develop businesses like yours? Probably not – few of us do. But it’s never been easier to make the right connections, and find out!

Need a little help with making those connections – perhaps with some advice on networking? Then please do give me a call on 01359 240717 or drop me an email!  The first hour is free, so there’s no catch. And I do a lot of networking…