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Coaching into action…

Every business can benefit from the right kind of coaching.

But even when you understand the need for change, and take action to achieve it, you may well be distracted by the very real needs of your team.

Steering your business onto a new course is a considerable challenge, even with an experienced pilot at your side.

It’s an even greater challenge if your habits (and your crew) keep dragging you down to the boiler room – especially when you should be on the bridge.

You need someone down there who can rearrange the pipework – and calm down the crew. And that’s precisely where the Business Plumber can help…

Coaching support

Change – even with professional coaching to help – demands careful planning. A steady but sensitive hand on the wheel. And detailed preparation.

For that to happen, you must be able to spend more time on the business. And less time in the business. And your crew needs to understand what’s happening, why it’s happening, and their defined role in making it happen.

The problem is that any important change usually involves tinkering with that tricky pipework down in the boiler room. And that’s no place for the captain – even when the boiler room is steamy, overheated, and populated with increasingly irritable employees.

Because that’s a job for the Business Plumber.

I’m completely at home in steamy environments – and an expert in keeping the pressure within safe and acceptable limits.

Which means you can keep your business on course. Without leaving your team to face the smelly stuff alone…

Coaching shouldn't be about fixing the details - that's where the Business Plumber can help

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