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Whether you’re a large enterprise or a one-man band, there’ll almost certainly come a point where you know you need help and advice. But – especially if you’re a smaller business – you’ll want to be certain that your time (and your money) are well spent.

We understand that very well – which is why we’re happy to give you information and advice for free. Information and advice that our clients have already found very, very useful.

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Eight steps to knowing your customers better

Who are your customers? And no, the answer isn’t quite as obvious as it seems!

There are the customers you know about – the people you talk to, and the people who pay the bills. But there are other customers you may not be aware of – people you haven’t focused on, who are nonetheless strongly affected by what you do, and may be key influencers to the ones who buy.

Business help: how to know your customers better

Whacking alligators?

When we’re up to our rear end in alligators we forget we’re supposed to be there to drain the swamp.

We all get distracted from important things – such as planning the future of our business – by the ordinary, everyday problems that simply refuse to go away.

Like the proverbial alligators, ignoring them can produce immediate pain – but we often spend more time on them than we should.

Business help: are you just whacking alligators?

No time? Then here’s how to find it…

Most people struggle to find time in their lives for everything they need to do – which can leave you very short of time for the things you want to do.

So here’s a very quick and easy way to work out what is actually taking up your time.

Which is the first step to making much better use of it.

Business help: managing your time more effectively

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