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Real improvement

It’s hard to see the wood for the trees when you’re working inside a business. Kate Kelly, the Business Plumber, will give you the perspective you need to make the right decisions about what to do, how and when to do it, and how to achieve it better, safer, faster, and at lower cost.

Process into profit

Kate Kelly has more than 20 years’ hard-won experience of improving business processes to maximise profit – and in that time she has worked with organisations of all sizes, from major enterprises and public service bodies to micro-businesses.


Working with major companies like Trebor Sharps, Black & Decker, Ozalid and Schlumberger has given Kate first-hand experience of how big companies work – and what even the very smallest company can learn from them.

Kate Kelly

What they say…

What I really liked about Kate’s approach was her ‘let’s do it now’ attitude, rather than suggesting something and leaving it.

‘What’s stopping you from doing it now, let’s tackle that challenge straight away.’

This not only overcomes procrastination but Kate is there to provide help and support working on what may be perceived as a difficult issue.

Colin Stewart

Envisage Solutions

We were having problems making the most of our business and sought help from the Business Plumber. Kate Kelly focussed our attention on the things that were causing us problems. She helped us realise the value of the service we provide which in turn has helped us put more realistic pricing in place.

I would recommend Kate to anyone who is unsure about the direction their business is taking.

John Holden

Pink Web Solutions

I needed to look at my systems and I knew just the right person. Kate Kelly is the Business Plumber and systems are her thing.

After a visit to my office and a detailed chat about my business she gave me some very simple pointers, some of which I could implement immediately and that have already made a big difference to the running of my business. Others I’m working on!

Kate Patterson

Kate Patterson - Thrive Consultant