The Business Plumber

You have a great idea. But how do you make it work?

You have a great business. But how do you make it work better?

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The Business Plumber: getting down to brass pipes…

So you’ve had a truly inspired idea for a business – and got it off the ground? Congratulations! You’re ready to grow!

But… when you have more work than you can cope with alone, how, precisely do you take the next step? Will you outsource? Will you take on staff? Then what, precisely will they do? How will you know they’ve done it – and done it as you want it done?

Done that already? Then how well does your business work? Does your work flow? Or does it sometimes come to a grinding halt, with ominous knocking sounds from somewhere deep in the system?

Let’s face it, sooner or later we all have to get down and dirty with business management – and all too often it’s very hard to spot just where the problem is.

The growth challenge

First employee? Excellent! But how do you explain the way you want to run things when that still only exists in your head?

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Victim of your own success?

The business has grown. But are you sure the way your business works has grown with it?

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Your business isn’t running smoothly – but where, precisely, is the problem?

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Coaching into action

You’re working with a business coach – so why are you spending most of your time firefighting with your team?

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